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Repairs and returns

We believe the Hoplite line of NDT lights to be the brightest, easiest, and most cost-effective units available to use for non-destructive testing. They are also very durable; made to live and work in the tough environment for which they were built. But even in that tough environment, bad things can happen to good lights.

The custom, coated filter is an expensive but integral part of the proper function of any HOPLITE365. It has been engineered to be durable enough for the intended purpose, yet must be thin enough to transmit the maximum intensity of UV light. If, through impact, the filter becomes cracked and remains in place, the light will still function perfectly fine, but will no longer be sealed against intrusion by liquids, which can compromise the integrity of the LED, the electronics, and the reflector. For these reasons, it should be repaired as soon as possible.

Filter repair for either model is $125.00 plus shipping, which will be itemized on a separate invoice payable through PayPal to sales@higherorbitproducts.com.

To request a repair, send an email to sales@higherorbitproducts.com, including a description of the damage along with the serial number of your light. We'll email you an invoice for the total cost of repairs including the shipping back to you. Simply pay the invoice, and send your light to us. Please do not send the battery along with the damaged light.

In the case of light failure due to faulty repair within 90 days of when you receive your repaired light, Higher Orbit Products will repair or replace the unit at our discretion.

We also strongly feel that the Hoplite line of lights offer the best balance between performance and price available. If, for any reason, after trying your Hoplite, you determine that it will not be the best match for your needs, we accept returns within 14 business days of when you received your light. Please return the light, item box, batteries, and charger, in clean, undamaged condition, and we'll refund the full purchase price to your PayPal address. Also, please first send an email letting us know that it is coming. We'll respond with a confirmation of that email and one when we receive the light, which will act as your proof of return.

NOTE: As of 5/16/2012, the USPS no longer accepts shipments containing lithium-ion batteries in excess of the number required to run the device for which they are intended (if you're not returning more than one battery, the USPS is fine). If you need to return your light, please use UPS or FedEx to comply with these new rules.

For repairs or returns, send unit to:
Higher Orbit Products
142 Cricket Ave, Suite 11
Ardmore, PA 19003-1327

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