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UV Blocking Goggles

The ultraviolet output from the HOPLITE365 is very intense. Though quick passes into the eyes are not inherently dangerous, prolonged exposure over time could be problematic. For that reason, we highly recommend using some sort of UV protection when using the HOPLITE365 or any other bright UV source. Our ANSI Z187.1 approved goggles are very effective at blocking UV, even stopping the intense beam of the Hoplite just an inch away from the lens. Also, even though the Hoplite produces very little visible light, what it does produce has a purple tint to it. These yellow-tinted goggles absorb that purple light reflected from metal surfaces, allowing a more pure visible reaction to fluorescent targets for easier flaw identification. The goggles offer a one-piece, wraparound lens, adjustable temples, and are very comfortable. (Note: These goggles will not fit over prescription eyeglasses)

UVSG-Y ~ Ultraviolet Safety Goggles Yellow - $12.50/ea
TrustFire TR-001 Dual-Channel Battery Charger

The TrustFire TR-001 Dual-Channel Battery Charger works well with the 3000mAh Lithium-Ion cells used in the HOPLITE365. It charges batteries at a safe but quick rate, taking approximately 5 hours to fully charge one 18650 cell. The two separate channels allow simultaneous charging of two cells, each with its own charge indicator light. Each channel's charging light starts off as green and quickly turns red while charging is in progress. When its cell is fully charged, the red light will turn to solid green.

DCBC-18650 ~ Dual Channel Battery Charger - $17.25/ea
Tail Cap Switch

Though the tail cap switch is built for the job, HOPLITE365's are meant to live in a tough environment fraught with flashlight dangers. Should a switch fail beyond our warranty period of 90 days, replacements are available and easy to change, unlike switches in old-style mercury lamps. In the Hoplite, the battery cover is also the switch, so changing one is as easy as changing the battery. If you've invested in several Hoplites for your NDT team, consider keeping a replacement switch standing by, just in case. Switch includes wrist strap.

TCRS ~ Tail Cap Replacement Switch - $25.50/ea
18650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Circuit-Protected Batteries

Roughly ten years ago, old-style nickel-metal-hydride batteries began to replace really old-style nickel-cadmium cells from the 80's and 90's. Now, rechargeable lithium-ion cells have replaced nickel-metal-hydride to become the most efficient way to take electricity with you on-the-go. Lithium-ion batteries can hold their charge for extended periods of time, be recharged 300+ times, have no deleterious "memory-effect" like old battery chemistries, are very lightweight, and can store more energy per gram than other affordable battery technologies. The Hoplite uses one size 18650 cell (18mm x 65mm). Battery brand and appearance may change. Sold in pairs.

RLIB-2PK ~ Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery - $22.75/2-Pack
White Light LED Variable-Focus Flashlight

As much as you need darkness to use your HOPLITE365, you may occasionally need white light to find your way through the dark. This incredible, white light flashlight is simply brilliant. The beam is focusable from wide and bright to narrow and crazy bright. It’s excellent for illuminating a wide area of about 10 feet at 10 feet away to easily illuminating objects more than 200 feet away when focused to a narrow beam. Including are two battery adapters, one lets you use three AAA batteries or one that lets you use an 18650 cell, the same battery used by the HOPLITE365. By lightly pressing the tailcap switch you can switch between three modes: full brightness, reduced brightness, and a bright, fast strobe. Includes wrist strap, belt clip, AAA battery holder, and 18650 battery adapters.

WLFL ~ White Light LED Variable-Focus Flashlight - $14.50/ea
Protective Lens Cover

These heavy-gauge vinyl lens protectors are tougher than they look. We needed to drill holes in one for some testing. It took several exhausting tries with a rechargeable drill. The vinyl simply stretched around the drill bit, and the holes that were drilled simply closed back up to half the drill size. And even that wasn't easy to do! The point is; when your Hoplite is not in use, with this protector in place, the custom light filter on the HOPLITE365 has nothing to fear. Each light is shipped with two yellow ones but if you need another, here they are!

PLC-Y ~ Protective Lens Cover – Yellow - $2.25/ea
Protective Vinyl Lens Cover

For that classic HOPLITE365 look, there are a few black covers left. In a tool box, they're not as easy to see as the yellow covers but, oddly enough, these are fluorescent and will glow a bright gray under the beam of a HOPLITE365. Easy to find in the dark. Go figure.

PLC-B ~ Protective Lens Cover – Black - $1.50/ea

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