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Download the spec sheets here: HOP50-SC | HOP100-NC

Hoplite365 Specifications

With two models designed specifically for the demands of non-destructive testing, the Hoplite365 is ready to become your efficient partner in detecting flaws. The HOP50-SC emits a bright, tightly-focused beam an average of 50mm in diameter at 15" from the target. It's great for illuminating long welds as well as corners and junctions between metal components where small flaws can hide. It's also very effective at providing a tight beam of intense UV illumination to help overcome ambient light contamination.

The HOP100-NC has a refocused reflector that provides a beam of roughly 100mm at 15" from the target. This wider beam is useful for covering more surface area for bigger jobs, yet maintaining a sweet spot that is well more than bright enough to make flaw detection easy. When ambient light is not a problem, the HOP100-NC helps make quicker work of bigger jobs.

Both models make use of a special black glass filter that blocks visible light. In addition, to ensure the best performance, they also have a custom, high-tech dual-coating on both sides of that filter which further excludes visible light while still allowing the maximum amount of 365nm UV to pass through.

NEW FOR 2018 – The driver circuit has been upgraded to provide improved voltage regulation for better flux stability over the charge range. The UV output remains the same as the battery discharges.

LED UV Source: Nichia Single-Die LED, up to 370mW
Emission spectrum: 360nm-370nm, peak @ 365nm
LED life expectancy: >20,000 hours

UV light Intensity:

Model HOP50-SC
50mm overall diameter spot size @ 15" (38cm):

Model HOP100-NC
100mm overall diameter spot size @ 15" (38cm):
12,000µW/cm² at the beam center graduating to 1200µW/cm² at the beam edge

Visible light emission:
(380-780nm) <1 lx (<0.09 foot candle)
ANSI standard is <2 lx (<0.18 foot candle)

High-quality machined aluminum
Head unit factory-sealed against contamination by liquids
Body tube joints have "O" rings and are sealed
Self-contained tail cap switch is watertight

Length: 160mm
Lamp head diameter: 45mm
Lamp handle diameter: 25mm
Weight, no battery: 189g (6.7 oz.)
Weight with battery: 234g (8.0 oz.)
Power supply: one 3.7V, 3000mAh rechargeable, overload circuit-protected, Li-ion cell, size 18650

Typical run time: 3 hours continuous at full brightness, 3+ more hours continuous at reduced but still usable brightness
Typical charge time: 5 hours

Contamination resistance:
Watertight construction: Reflector end is factory-sealed. Removable tail cap switch is sealed and is watertight. Switch is wholly contained in the tail cap unit, so replacement, if needed, is as easy as simply screwing on a new one, the same action taken while changing the battery

Additional features:
No warm-up time required. Full brightness is instant.
No ozone production.
No spark/ignition hazard.
No more burns! Remains cool-to-the-touch when operating.

The test results, parameters, and figures above were valid at the time of testing. Unavoidable variations between batches of individual components are possible and therefore small changes in absolute results are possible in either direction. The performance of all lights will still remain similar to the above test results within a very narrow range. Higher Orbit Products LLC cannot be held liable for these variations nor any inadequate performance resulting from any differences.

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