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Making the invisible...visible!

What other uses?

Hoplite365 UV flashlights are now in use worldwide helping our customers perform all sorts of inspection duties including checking oil lines and their welds, aircraft brakes and wheels, industrial diamonds, train wheels and parts, helicopter turbines, aircraft in-situ, satellite manufacturing, missile and ordnance manufacture, metal part fabrication, fine ceramics and painted artwork validation, oil exploration, and more.

Though the Hoplite365 has been designed to perform Non-Destructive Testing, its high-output, super-clean UV beam is extremely useful for a wide variety of other uses. Below are some examples. If you discover a new use, let us know!

Fluorescent minerals

The world of fluorescent minerals is a fantastic way to experience the magical powers of which the ultraviolet spectrum is capable. Roughly 1000 mineral species react to ultraviolet light by emitting brilliant, pure colors that are a real eye-opener to anyone seeing them for the first time. Of those 1000 species, about 15% react to long wave UV, many very intensely, and long wave UV is what the Hoplite365 delivers in huge amounts. It makes those minerals go crazy. Prospecting in an area with long wave minerals, such as Franklin and Sterling Hill, NJ, at night is an absolute blast!

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13 lb New Jersey Sodalite under camera flash... becomes "The Great Pumpkin" with the Hoplite365
Assorted long wave minerals dull under daylight... explode with color lit by the Hoplite365
Authenticating inks, security devices, and paper validation in currency
$20 bill hides invisible watermarks and threads... but they're not invisible under the Hoplite365
Validating passports, security documents, and photo ID's
U.S. Passport is filled with invisible ink and more The Hoplite365 protecting against fraud
Inspecting industrial clean rooms and elsewhere for dust and contamination
The eternally dusty TV stand in room light... and under the all-seeing Hoplite365
Restaurant and Factory Kitchen Inspection
Is the range properly cleaned? Umm...probably not
And plenty more, such as...

Illuminating dye-stained biology specimens and cultures
Instant curing of UVA-sensitive adhesives
Revealing UV markings on philatelic specimens
Disclosing repairs on artwork and artifacts
Visualizing crime scene and medical forensic evidence
Detecting leak indicator dye used for automotive A/C and industrial applications
Performing stunning ultraviolet nature photography

...and any other situation where you want to make the invisible...visible!

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